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NaNoWriMo Dribbles

October 27, 2003

Here are the notes so far:

  • opening scene as main character stands in front of bonfire –> made of all the “words and cards and letters” he ever wrote (ref: Waterboys – “Medicine Bow”).
  • is he running away? or is it needful?
  • redemption theme
    • Remus/Draco
    • Tarrant/Vryce
  • Is he gay?
  • character does some sort of figurative trip to Hell, deal with powers of Hell, defeat demon? –> tells enemy, “Hell says hello.” (ref: Flogging Molly – “Worst Day Since Yesterday”)
  • Draw on mythology, fantasy –> urban/modern. Long strange trip.
  • Relationship of open hatred (mutual) yet forced cooperation; are rivals for prize?
    • Tarrant/Vryce
    • Harry/Draco
    • Yuki/Kyo
  • concept of a wild calling (ref: Flogging Molly – “Worst Day Since Yesterday”)
  • castle in Illinois? Group of friends living together in it? Owned by mysterious novelist? Is that our narrator? (ref: Stronghold)
  • main character is Fithian Rankin
  • section names
    1. Summerhill
    2. Autumnhaven
    3. Wintergate
  • “The House You Live In” by Gordon Lightfoot – sort of proverb; “hear, my son, and heed my advice.”
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