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NaNo Update – Day 26

November 27, 2004

I shall blame any lack of writing time on copperbadge, who is an evil man who linked to an evil game on his LiveJournal.  ^_~

64,552 / 100,000

Today’s Word Count:  3,167
Overall Word Count:  64,552

Finished the big climax scene today, as well as writing one of the denouement scenes.  (Heh, I just wanted to use the word “denouement” in a sentence.  Mwa.)  Anyway, between games of “die in your office” and taking naps at Gedna’s (and buying rum and peppermint schnapps with my dad at the drugstore, where we were both carded) and feeding Kim’s animals because that horrible woman has gone to the Bahamas again…  I managed to get quite a bit of writing done, I think.

Of course, tomorrow Diana’s coming up to see me, which is lovely, except that we will be spending a lot of time printing out wedding pictures, and I will feel generally guilty for not having finished her wedding scrapbook yet (that is a project to be picked up again December 1, I promise!)  Plus it means no writing time and no sleeping in tomorrow.

Then again, I shouldn’t complain.  She never comes to see me, so this is cool.


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