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Still waiting

July 14, 2005

Haven’t heard anything from Tor yet on my manuscript. It’s been over two months, but not quite three months. I never know when to follow up with a publisher. Once I did that with a magazine, three weeks outside the response time, and had a good reason for being subtle about it. I merely said that I’d submitted a story to them, gave the date, and said that I had recently switched email addresses, and all future correspondence should be made to this address. The editor responded with a nice note saying he’d read the story and liked it, and apologized for taking so long, but that he would have to decline the story. He did urge me to continue sending him things, though.

So…I don’t know whether or not to send a note to Tor, or just wait a bit longer.

In the meantime, I’ve re-read the sequel, and I’m ready to begin an edit of that. I’m also inspired to work on another related short story, and to look at a final edit of “Regent”, which is the next story I want to submit.

All of this after the weekend, of course, since all weekend I’m going to be ensconced in Harry Potter. *grin*

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