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Story market and serendipity

October 5, 2005

Interestingly, I’ve found an anthology market that I think will be good for a story I have mostly written. The theme is Blood and Devotion, and those are two things that feature VERY strongly in this piece. What’s even funnier is that I sent krycek_chick a link to their submission page because of their art guidelines…and didn’t realize I have a story well-suited for it. Then I went to see Serenity, and was discussing it with krycek_chick, and, in explaining to her why I liked one bit of the movie in particular, cut-and-pasted part of one of my stories–the blood and devotion story. (If you’re curious and you’ve seen the movie, the connection is blood, and River.)

Anyway. I got to thinking about that story, and how I really liked it, and it was a shame it would never be more than novella length, if that, and how I’m pleased with the way it ties to my other epic fantasy novels (loosely time-wise, but in the same world). And then I started looking over some of it, and I was like, “Oh! This is about blood and devotion!”

Heh. Funny old world, ain’t it?


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