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Waffling on NaNoWriMo

October 31, 2005

So I have some opportunities here.  And as it is the last day before NaNoWriMo begins, I feel it is time to confront these matters.  I have to decide what I’m going to write.

Until a week and a half ago I was wibbling over lack of plottiness in my Regent’s series, the first two of which are also NaNovels.  I have the characters, but they weren’t agreeing on what they wanted to do.  During conversation with slightlyjillian while I was visiting her, I decided perhaps it was time to invoke the Zokotou Clause for NaNo, which states that if a writer has already successfully completed (“won”) NaNoWriMo, said winner is allowed to spend the month working on a project that has already begun.  My epic fantasy novel has been languishing for over a year now, and it really needs my attention.

Then, in the days following my visit to Illinois, The Slightly One read the now-unnamed first Regent’s novel, and made comments on it (and wrote a fanfic for it) that validated a plot bunny that had been quietly nibbling the clover in the back of my mind, and until that point had been ignored in the name of avoidance, denial, and non-confrontation.  BUT.  Now that slightlyjillian brought it up…I am tempted to give blood to that lovely little Bunnicula and turn it into the next novel.

Which would be a ghost story.

Yep.  A modern-faerie-cum-ghost novel.  (Slashy subtext included free of charge.)



Ghost!Barnabas: PICK ME PICK ME!!!
Michael-and-Justin: Woe! We languish! You have neglected us!
Steph: *waffles*

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