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Novel musings

February 23, 2006

I have just finished my rereading of my rewrite of my Epic Fantasy novel. (Haha – does that make any sense?) It’s a project I got started on a couple of years ago, thanks to slightlyjillian‘s close reading and critiquing abilities, and it’s one that got abandoned for NaNoWriMo. I’ve been meaning to get back to it for quite some time now, but of course every time I do that I reread the novel for continuity. Anyway.

Now I’m feeling a strange mixture of discouragement and inspiration. Discouragement because I’ve been working on this damn novel for over half my life now. Literally. I started the novel when I was 13. Now, it’s definitely a much better novel, and very changed, from when I started. But on the other hand, sometimes I feel like I know these characters too well. They’re sort of like family members who have got to be so annoying that I don’t want to hang out with them as much.

Not to mention, I keep insisting that Gregor is a patient and rational man, but he keeps insisting on blowing up at his sister, and occasionally his brother-in-law. *sigh*

Anyway, I’m feeling inspiration because I have some ideas for changes that might eliminate some of the unnecessary walking with which the novel is plagued. Three characters in particular do an awful lot of confusing bouncing around the kingdom. I think I could take out part of it. But then that leaves me with a new conundrum, which is–how will M know that G is a traitor, if G doesn’t go to City B first? *another sigh*

Anyway. This is really just to ramble on and let slightlyjillian know that I am thinking about the novel. ^_^


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