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Cashing in on Christian Romance

June 23, 2006

Okay, this is a small group of people who can read this.  You are people I trust, who are Christians and writers/readers.


Now.  Here’s the thing.  Two of you already have my Cash-in-on-Christian-Romance Novel in your hands.  That would be astraea36 and slightlyjillian, both of whom, I discovered today, have the WRONG version.  LOL  I forgot I edited this novel back in 2001 and focused on two of the men and removed a third from the equation.

Anyway.  If the rest of y’all are interested in reading, I would love to send you an electronic and/or a paper copy of the novel.  I’d be interested in whatever amount of feedback/beta/etc you are interested in making.

I would request that you not tell anyone else about this.  There are a lot of people I really like, but you are the only six I’m interested in making this offer to. ^__^

Anyway.  The novel is currently untitled, currently less than 50,000 words, set in Montana, and largely about waitressing and rodeo.  This is what I mean to sell and use to fund my “real” writing career. *snerk*  So I want it to be good, but it’s mostly a fun novel for me.

Okay.  So.  If interested, comment here, and if not, heck, go ahead and comment here and I shan’t be offended.  I understand some people aren’t comfortable in offering feedback or reading other people’s unpublished stuff.  So I’m screening comments, and just let me know. ^___^

PS – This is also why you will probably notice a large amount of country music in my “Listening” field for the next few weeks.


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