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November 3, 2006

WC: 1543

Blah.  I’m still doing fine, but it’s a slow start, just like last year.  I feel…unexcited about plot, largely because I don’t have one.  I have some fabulous characters who are…talking about pants and doing laundry and insulting goth girls.  Actually I feel like that goth girl is important, but unless someone dumps chocolate raspberry sauce down her front, I don’t know why Jeremiah would go back to the Laundromat and run into the goth girl again.  Hmm, maybe she’ll show up at their gig.  But since it’s blues-rock and Irish traditional, that seems unlikely…

*bangs head against wall*  I wanted to save the ninjas for later!

For those of you interested in reading what I”ve posted already, don’t forget it’s f-locked at theregent.


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