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November 6, 2006

I just realized that I forgot to note that I submitted “Better to Have Loved” to the Writers Digest Popular Fiction contest.

John O’Neill of Black Gate gave me warm fuzzies when he rejected that story a few years ago. I know, he rejected it, how did I get warm fuzzies? But look at part of what he wrote:

I enjoyed ‘Better to Have Loved’, which I found to be an extremely well-written tragic romance. However, it’s not right for Black Gate. While we purchase a wide variety of fiction, we publish tragedy relatively rarely, and usually when it has a more bittersweet element. I’m afraid I’ll have to return it, with my regrets. You have an obvious gift for character, and I hope you’ll consider us again soon. Warm regards,
John O’Neill
Black Gate

Maybe it’s a rejection, but it’s still darn high praise, especially from a man I’ve been told is a pretty hard sell.

Anyway, this is the same story I cut and polished for the popular fiction contest. So if you remember, pray for that story. I think it’s a good one, and John O’Neill obviously did, too, so maybe it’ll find a home there.


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