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November 10, 2007

Merlin-kitty isn’t feeling good today. In fact it started very early this morning. He threw up at 4 am, the frothy clear stuff that is far less common than when he overeats on the dry food. I cleaned it up and put him to bed, and when I got up this morning at 11 he’d thrown up in four more spots, three of them the frothy stuff and one the food. So I took his food away from him. He’s very listless but he can’t settle down, either, so he keeps switching from my bed to the recliner and back. He doesn’t want me to pet him very much. A couple of strokes and then he meows or hisses at me. Of course the vet is only open until noon on Saturdays. *wibble* He never used to get sick very often. Of course he’s getting older, but still, it makes me nervous. Right now I keep watching him to make sure he’s still breathing.

It came on pretty quickly, because yesterday morning he was very active, and we were having fun playing a game. *wibbles more*


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