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February 6, 2008

I was super productive last night, despite having to get offline twice for thunderstorms. I filed both federal and state taxes, and have a significant amount coming back from federal. My state refund was so tiny I considered donating it to the Indiana Non-game Wildlife Fund, but hey, every little bit helps, so decided against it. It’ll buy me a couple gallons of gas if the price drops a little. ^_~

I also went through the SFFWA list of professional paying markets and went to all those magazines’ websites to print off their submission guidelines. I made up a three-ring binder with all the guidelines printed in alphabetical order, then I selected two magazines that I’ve actually read, that I thought would be appropriate for my two most polished stories. Prepared both submission packets last night and sent them off this morning.

I also cleaned off my desk, because it would have been impossible to do my taxes or make up submission packets without doing that first. >.> I am always surprised at having to clean my desk off every week, but then I remember that 98% of my social life, as well as 90% of my writing life, is spent at the computer. *grin*


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