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TAMT Rejection #1 & DB submission

February 16, 2008

Letter from F&SF in the mail today about “Trade All My Tomorrows”. “I’m going to pass on it. This tale didn’t grab my interest, I’m afraid.” And that from the market I was feeling good about, considering the editorial essay about how fiction needed more gay characters who were gay without the story being about them being gay. Oh well, a 10-day response time is pretty good.

So what market next for TAMT?
It’s just over the limit for Chiaroscuro, but it’s possible I could edit it down a bit.
Maybe Strange Horizons, which wants stories “from diverse perspectives and backgrounds”. Is it fair of me to consider it that when I’m a straight white woman, just because it’s about two gay men?

In other news, I’ve got “A Delicate Balance” (the story that was once accepted for publication before the magazine went under) in with Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show as of today. I do like it when they have specific ways to submit to them online. Makes the process a whole lot easier (not to mention less expensive!).

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