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NaNo Day 17

November 17, 2009

27378 / 50000 words. 55% done!

Whew! The goblin market was a great idea yesterday, and the magic hat and gloves was a great idea today. From now on I’m going to put on my magic hat if I get stuck. I know it’ll get me unstuck.

I had a 5,000-word day today, and that feels all kinds of good!

From → NaNo 2009, NaNoWriMo

  1. Well done. And you’ve caught up to me. If I were… uh, doing this, that is. 🙂 You’ve always been quite gifted at WC is my observation.

    • Ha. I caught up, but I bet you’ve pulled ahead again. If you were…uh, doing this, I mean. I have an unpleasant headcold that makes it virtually impossible to care about anything, let alone write. >.<

      • Ack, I’m sorry you don’t feel well. I’ve actually been waking up with headaches. And today was the worst! I think it’s the weather!

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