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Labor Day Weekend = Never As Planned

September 6, 2010

Sometimes I think ideas to make writing easier…end up keeping me from writing.

This weekend I didn’t have much planned. Play some Warcraft, sew a messenger bag to carry all my writing stuff, and write. Guess which two I got done?

To be fair, I only played Warcraft for about an hour. And the sewing of the bag should have only taken two hours, three tops. Instead it took probably ten or twelve hours over the course of the weekend. It involved helping Mom pick out a new sewing machine, trying to get the sewing machine to work, taking the sewing machine to my aunt’s house to get her help, and finally sewing most of my project on my aunt’s machine while she and my mom took Mom’s machine back to exchange. And then the machine she got in exchange…ended up with the same problem. I don’t know why we have so much trouble with loopy threads, but no matter how many times we try reloading the bobbins and rethreading the needle and adjusting the tension, we always end up with loopy stitches.

But in the end, I got the bloody bag finished. Now I can carry all my writing stuff around easily, with all the pockets I want and the carrying capacity I need. Of course, the weekend’s over, it’s almost bedtime, and I didn’t get any actual writing done.

All the same, have some pictures.

The front of the bag:

The bag open with a 3-ring binder inside and the pockets full of iPod, idea notebook, pens, wallets, etc.,

Back view of the bag, with a file folder in the magazine pocket.

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