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I write epic and urban fantasy, and I’ve completed the first draft of what might charitably be called a paranormal crime novel.

I blog about writing, wineries, and as many nature parks and historic sites as I can visit. I’m happily single. I’m a Christian. I’m cat-mom to Miss Eowyn Naughtypaws and her brother Strider. I love living in the country. I’m incredibly clumsy.

I love organizing things–I think filing is fun, I color-code my closet, and I’ve been known to act as an organizational consultant for friends and family. (At least, I think they still count as friends…) In fact, about a year ago I started using the Getting Things Done method and efficiented my way out of a job.

Thankfully that opened the door for me to take some bold career steps and I now describe myself as the poorest I’ve ever been and the happiest I’ve ever been. I spend my time doing historical research and blogging, and sharing my passion for history with others.

I enjoy hiking (except for the inevitable encounters with spiders) and reading (anything I can get my hands on, but mostly fantasy & paranormal fiction and historical nonfiction), and can often be found singing at the top of my lungs.

  1. So often, unhappiness comes with the success one thought one wanted. The reverse is also true. When one’s life is boiled down to the bare, and the spirit is freed to pursue itself, then comes the happiness.

    You might like to follow this blog..and it isn’t mine..

    • So true! It’s been a lot of months since I wrote the about page, and I’m still broke, but I am still SO happy. I love what I do and I do what I love. =) Thanks for the link. I think I’ve heard of Cristian Mihai before–I’ll have to check it out!

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